Leslie Bertsch-Neumeyer’s creative expression spans a wide variety of artistic media and forms, and continuously evolves. A common thread in her body of work is the expression of emotion through portraiture and the use of unlikely colors that are transcended by the strength of the imagery.

Her formal training took place at the Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts) where she majored in Illustration and Design and received the Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1981. She began her career in advertising and product design and rose to the position of Art Director.

Her most recent work is in pastels with a unique style conveying recognizable images with unlikely colors and a blend of realistic and abstract technique. Deeply immersed when creating these pieces, the stroke of the chalk across the paper is subconsciously propelled by her emotional response to the subject.

Recent Exhibitions

2017           Color, Emotion, Form, Gallery at the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ